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Second year students should be looking into ‘internship’ opportunities. Internships usually run for 8 - 12 weeks over the summer. Some companies also offer shorter Winter and Spring internships. For those students who have a ‘year in industry’ between their 2nd and final years, there are off-cycle internships which can last for up to 9 months.

Internships give you a deep insight into what a company has to offer. By working within the organisation for an extended period you gain an understanding of how it operates and what its graduate roles are really like. You will work on projects and tasks that will test your ability to thrive in a potential graduate role. This is a great opportunity for both the company and the intern to access the future suitability of a job. You will usually apply for an internship in a specific department, although some companies allow students to rotate between departments and teams.

The application process for internships can vary greatly, but will often involve a lengthy application form, numerous forms of assessment (such as numeracy testing) and at least one interview at the company offices. Many employers often also host assessment centres as part of the application process.

The reward for performing well on an internship is usually the offer of a full-time graduate role upon successful completion of your degree. In the past few years, we have seen companies recruit more graduates than ever from those who partook in their own internship programmes.

Grad Diary lists all the internship opportunities offered by firms as well as their deadline information.

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