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UPDATED FOR 2015/16!

We've just launched an all new set of tests for 2015/16! Get practicing with 6 brand new tests.

Numerical reasoning tests are the most common stumbling block in the job application process. Once you have been to the trouble of applying for a scheme and doing the phone call interviews, you don't want to fall down on the numeracy tests.

The best way to prepare is to do plenty of practice and familiarise yourself with the type of questions you will be faced with under exam conditions. Simply grab yourself a Grad Diary account to access 6 practice numeracy tests for free!



We're super excited to be able to offer 6 Practice Numeracy Tests to our members, totally free!


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Once you have completed a test, you will be able to review your results, as well as see how to get the correct answers.

So, get practising!



What is included in a numerical-reasoning test?

Numerical reasoning tests contain questions that test your knowledge of ratios, percentages, cost and sales analysis and conversions. It is very common to be asked questions where you have to calculate and convert different units of measurement such


Numeracy skills tests – which employers require them?

Almost all the employers that we feature on Grad Diary require some form of verbal or numeracy testing as part of the application process. Numerical testing is most common for banking and accountancy graduate jobs whereas law graduate schemes are more like to focus on verbal reasoning. Numeracy skills tests allow the organisation to narrow down its most competent candidates when there are a lot of applicants. With thousands of young people in the UK and overseas applying for graduate jobs, the tests provide a statistical way to see who is up to the mark and who stands out from the crowd.

The purpose of the test is because being able to understand and analyse data in different formats is considered an essential skill in many organisations. The test conditions mirror the demands of working with a deadline so it gives the recruiter a key idea of the candidate's time management. Also, being confident using numbers and maths can be transferred practically in the workplace such as understanding profit or following a budget.


Free numerical reasoning tests from Grad Diary

At Grad Diary, we are thrilled to offer our massively popular 6 free numerical reasoning tests online to our users. Practicing and constantly getting used to the format of the questions is key to success. Created by industry experts, the tests can be accessed on our website whenever you want. Once you have completed a test, we will show your score so you can see where you did well and where you can improve. You can take each test as many times as you want so you can be fully prepared for the real thing.


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