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The legal industry has two main pathways with regards to graduate recruitment, solicitors and barristers. There are also a large number of different areas of law in which you can work, including Corporate Law, Property Law and Criminal Law.

Main Areas of Law

Solicitors: Most commonly represent clients with regards to personal issues and commercial work, whether they are individuals or companies. Their precise role will depend on the areas of specialism of the solicitor and the client’s individual requirements.

Barristers: Represent a client and the client’s solicitor in court most commonly in the area of criminal law. They represent a source of legal advice to advise a client and plead a case once a court appearance is required.

Is Law right for me?

The work balance in the legal industry will vary from firm to firm although you must be focused, driven and ambitious to succeed in a high pressure and competitive environment. Recruiters in the legal sector will be looking for individuals with a strong academic record as well strong interpersonal skills and exceptional organisational skills.

Degree and grade requirements

Recruiters in the legal sector will be looking for individuals with strong interpersonal skills as well as a strong academic record. There are opportunities for those candidates to pursue a career in law with having to complete a degree in the subject.

If you do not have a law degree then you will need to complete a legal qualification in order to obtain a training contract, the LPC for solicitors and the BVC for barristers.

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