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BDO Intern Review

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What was the process of applying for an internship at BDO?

When you're applying for an internship, you’re competing against hundreds of other applicants so the application process requires a lot of time and hard work. I think the trick is to try and differentiate yourself from your competition. After considerable research, I started the first stage of the process, which was the online application form. Shortly after submitting the application form, I was put through to the next stage, the psychometric tests, which consisted of one numerical and one verbal online test, each lasting 20 minutes. The next stage was to attend the first round interview with one of the partners which lasted approximately one hour and consisted primarily of competency-based questions. I was then put through to attend the assessment day which is the final stage of the process. This day lasted from 9-5, which included commercial awareness activities, more verbal and numerical tests, preparing and presenting a presentation, and a final interview.

How long was the internship?

6 weeks.

What sort of hours were you working?

We were required to work from 9-5:30. However, the firm expects you to put the extra hours in if necessary. While on client site, the hours are usually longer roughly 8:30 am - 6pm.

How many other interns were there and what universities were they from?

There were 7 other interns in the office, but only 2 of them were in my department. One of them studied Economics at Durham and the other studied Physics at Manchester. 

What sort of things were you doing during your internship at BDO?

I spent the first week in London with all the other interns from around the UK, this was where we had our induction to the firm and technical training. After returning to our regional offices, I spent the second week getting to know the team and helping them out with any work they might have. From the third week on, I was for the most part on client site, working within an audit team. 

Was there an evaluation during or after your internship?

Yes there were two evaluations. At the beginning of the internship, each intern is assigned a counselling manager who evaluates your progress halfway through the internship and at the end of your internship. 

What was the culture of the organisation?

It is extremely people focused.

That’s bit of a woolly answer, could you be more specific?

By “people focused” I mean they are very focused on providing exceptional client service as well as understanding the needs of their own employees, which means you work in a supportive and friendly environment.

Where you paid?


Where there any perks?

They put us up in a hotel in London for a week and paid for our dinner every night that week. We were taken out for a few lunches during the internship and on the final night they brought all the interns from around the UK to London and took us to All Star Lanes.

Did you receive any formal training?

Yes, I received 3 days of technical training during the first week of my internship and I gained valuable first-hand experience by taking part in the auditing of clients' accounts during the rest of the internship.

And finally, any advice you could offer people?

Yes, they recruit on a first come first serve basis so start applying early!


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