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Tesco Summer Internship Review

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  • Live Up To Expectations

What internship programme did you attend and how long was it?

I recently attended the Tesco Summer internship in their Supply Chain department this summer (2015). It was a 10-week summer internship based in North London. I was based in Cheshunt, whilst some other interns were based in the Welling office as Tesco are in the process of moving.

What did the application process consist of?

The application process was a bit more lengthy and complex than I originally expected. First I was required to complete an application form with competency questions, followed by psychometric testing that included numerical, logical and verbal reasoning.

Following the application form and testing I was invited to a Skype interview, then a telephone interview and finally an assessment centre.

What was the trickiest part of the application process and why?

I personally found the telephone interview the most difficult part of the process as it was more challenging than I thought it would be. Normally I would have expected a telephone interview to be solely focussed on competency questions. However the interview was 45 minutes long, 30 minutes of that was testing competencies, whilst the other 15 minutes was testing more of my technical knowledge about the role, which I didn’t prepare as well for as I could have.

What did you do at the assessment centre?

The assessment centre was split in to the three stages. One stage was an interview with 2 people from the company in what was called a 3D interview in which we had to bring in an object to the interview that best represented ourselves. I brought in a penknife and explained how it represented my sharp mind but also the multiple skills and uses I have.

We were then put in to a group exercise in which we had to debate a particular point of view in a group that consisted of the other candidates and then finally we did a presentation in front of people from the business and had to answer questions in a sort of Q&A style format after our presentations.

During your internship what sort of hours were you working?

The hours did vary quite a bit but generally I would be in the office from 8am until 6pm, which wasn’t too bad.

Tell us a little bit about the team you worked within during your internship.
I felt as though I was really lucky with the team that I was placed within, there were 9 people in the team, which was larger than most other interns’ teams, and everybody was extremely welcoming.

They were a fairly quiet team overall but if you ever had a question they were always happy to help you in any way that they could. I always felt they were there if I needed a helping hand.

In your role were you happy with the work you were given?

Absolutely, this was probably the thing I was most impressed about during my internship. Before the internship I was curious as to what sort of projects and tasks I would be working on. Thankfully they are keen to get you involved in work that really is important and meaningful to the business. The work you do helps make significant decisions and changes within the business and that was the most impressive thing about what Tesco offered me.

I felt a lot of responsibility despite only being on an internship and they made me feel like a full-time graduate with the work that I was given.

Were there any particular projects you were working on?

Yes, in fact the CEO had identified a need for developing a new stock measure during my time there and I was given the responsibility of working on that, for me personally this was really challenging and fulfilling.

Was there anything you feel could have been improved about your experience?

The only minor change I would make is related to the initial training and introduction we were given. A lot of the work I was given required using a system called SQL and I felt as though I wasn’t given as much of an introduction to the system as I could have been given when I started.

Although we were given an induction it didn’t really cover the technical aspects of the system enough so it was a very steep learning curve to become accustom to using SQL.

Were you given any opportunities to meet and talk to other interns whilst you were there?

Yes, absolutely. The social side of the experience was absolutely great. Amongst the interns there were two social reps that were assigned to help get the interns together.

We would meet each other regularly in the canteen during breaks and visit each others flats on a regular basis. There were a lot of great off-site days including a sports day that we would attend that really created a great atmosphere between all the interns.

Would you recommend Tesco to others considering applying?

Absolutely, without a doubt. It was a fantastic experience and I would definitely recommend other students to apply for the internship at Tesco.

If you had to use three words to sum up your experience at Tesco, what would you say?
Challenging. Responsibility. Opportunities.






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