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J.P. Morgan Internship Review

  • Work/Life Balance

  • Practical Skills Learnt

  • Live Up To Expectations

What part of the business was your internship in and how long did it last?

I was given my internship in the Investment Banking division of J.P Morgan and the internship lasted 10 weeks.


What sort of hours were you expecting to work and did that become a reality when you were on the internship?

I spoke to a number of people before my internship and came to the conclusion that I would probably be working from around 8am in the morning until the early hours of the following morning, maybe until 1am. Thankfully when I started my internship I quickly realized that this wasn’t necessarily a reality and the hours were far less strenuous than I had anticipated.


What was the application process like for your internship?

First we needed complete the online application for which included a CV and a cover letter as well as answering a number of different competency questions. After completing that I was told to complete some psychometric testing, this consisted of a numeracy test and a Situation Judgement Test. I then had some interviews in house, this also included working on a case study. In the interviews I was asked a mixed range of questions, some about myself and others were more technical. After completing that I was informed the next day that I had got the internship.


Had you had any directly relevant experience from Banking programmes in the past on your CV?

Yes, after my first year I did a insight week at Morgan Stanley, I think having this on my CV benefitted me greatly in my applications. I also kept in touch with a lot of people there and it was also a great help for interviews.


What was the best part of your experience on the internship?

I found the most interesting and eye-opening experience I had was sitting in on client and team meetings and watching different individuals negotiating and discussing a wide variety of different subject. It was enjoyable to see the different people proposing different solutions to problems and how partners and other staff can put across their own opinions.


Were you able to speak to different people perhaps in management positions and did you find that beneficial?

Yes, I was lucky enough to be able to speak to my head of team or head of the floor on a number of different occasions to discuss questions I had, or even at times just to catch up.

I was also able to speak to more senior members of staff like MD’s while I was there because of networking I did prior to the internship. This turned out to be extremely beneficial to me when I was on my internship as I was able to speak to people who were able to give me invaluable advice and tips.


How big was your team and did you stay within the same team throughout the internship?

The team consisted of around 20 people and I stayed within the same team for the duration of my internship, which I found extremely beneficial. Firstly because it was a team I was interested in, also a lot of the deals you work on are relatively long-term and some were still going on after I left. By moving teams this would have meant I wouldn’t have been able to work on deals from start to finish.

By staying in one team for the 10 weeks also allowed me to get a better picture of the team and allowed the team to get to know me a lot better than they would if I was only there for a shorter period of time.


Were there any other interns working in your department, if so, was it competitive between yourself and them?

There was another intern that worked within the same department as me, but contrary to popular belief there wasn’t comparisons drawn between the two interns at any point. They wouldn’t look at the intern working longer hours in a more favorable way; they would always judge us as individuals and on the work that we get done.


How did they determine what area of the business your internship is in?

Around 2 months before we start the internship we are told to speak to a wide range of different teams covering a wide range of business areas. From then you were asked which areas you felt you would fit in best and they would then ask the teams which students they believe would work well within the team. They would then match up people and tell you where you will be working.


What were the main things you learnt from your internship experience?

Firstly I learnt to have patience under pressure and how to work consistently over longer hours than I was used to previously. I also improved my presentation and powerpoint skills greatly from the experiences I had at J.P. Morgan.






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