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Deloitte Tax Consulting Review

  • Work/Life Balance

  • Practical Skills Learnt

  • Live Up To Expectations

What was the name of the programme that you were on at Deloitte?

Summer Vacation Scheme (Internship) in Tax Consulting


Why did you apply for Deloitte?

From the Big 4 they were the firm that I felt put most resources into training graduates/interns, whilst also giving a high level of hands-on experience. I think also that subconciously I had earmarked them as my favourites based on the marketing they had done around my campus.


Did you apply anywhere else?

Yes, I applied for a number of other places but Deloitte was my first choice.


What was the application process like?

It was really different to most other processes. Initial screening was followed by an E-Tray exercise and composing an email to a senior member of staff. If you progressed through those stages then you were offered a final interview with a manager from your selected service line.


What interview questions were you asked?

They were pretty much all competency based. You can get a list of the competencies on their website which is necessary interview preparation. They did also test me on my commercial awareness as well.


What did you do on your first day of the internship?

We met our fellow interns, and the first day was training. In the morning we had an introduction to Deloitte as well as an icebreaker task and a talk from previous Summer Vacation Scheme students. In the afternoon we were involved in IT and systems training.


What hours were you generally in the office?

I came in around 9 - 9.15am and almost always left at 5.30 - 5.45pm. I stayed until later once when I had a deadline that I needed to complete work for. When you came in and left was very relaxed, as long as you had completed your tasks to the deadlines then they were pretty flexible.


Did you work within one team the entire time you were there or did you rotate? Was that preferable for you?

Unlike previous Summer Vacation schemes, the 2013 scheme only focused on one service line. In previous years time your time was split between tax and audit, this year we chose either tax or audit before our interview and were placed in that service line for the duration of the programme.


What was the most enjoyable part of your experience?

The people were all especially friendly and welcoming, they made you feel very comfortable within the company.


What was the most important thing you learnt about Deloitte?

From my experiences and talking to others from different "Big 4" firms, Deloitte invest more time and give more support in your Tax technical training. This is one of the most essential things when it comes to choosing the best graduate scheme as you want to be able to develop your skills to the best they can possibly be.


Did you get the chance to speak to many graduates there?

We had first years working closely with us so got to speak to them a fair amount, they're all enjoying their careers with the firm so far which was very encouraging.


Has your experiences made you more or less inclined to work there in the future?

It definitely made me more inclined to work there.


What advice would you give to someone looking to apply for Deloitte?

Apply early, prepare for the e-tray, and make sure you know your competencies for the interview!


What three words best describe your experiences on the scheme?

Excel. Teamwork. Enjoyable






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