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Lloyds Banking Group Internship Review

  • Work/Life Balance

  • Practical Skills Learnt

  • Live Up To Expectations

What was the title of your internship role?

It was called Commercial Banking Products and it is a new scheme introduced recently by Lloyds Banking Group this year.


Was the scheme paid?

Yes, I was paid approximately £400 per week for the time that I worked there.


What sorts of duties were involved in your role at Lloyds Banking Group?

Day-to-day I had general duties such as catching up on market news and seeing what activity there was overnight, like significant market movement or relevant new stories that could impact the markets.

On the internship you were able to rotate on different desks, although I chose to spend more time on a particular desk rather than moving to different areas and asset classes.


What sort of hours were you generally in the office?

The official hours were from 9am until 5pm, although I worked from about 7am until about 6pm in the evening. I did this off my own back to try and impress and get as involved as possible.

The majority of the interns would start between 8-8.30am and finish at around 5pm.


Who did you get to meet during your time there?

We worked alongside a number of different graduates and got to know what they did and the roles they were in. Unfortunately because we were only interns we weren’t able to directly speak to clients but I think all in all the internship was very reflective of the work we would be involved in as graduates.


Was there anything about your experience you were not expecting?

I was definitely not expecting the size of their financial market presence, because you associate Lloyds with being a high street bank I underestimated their presence in the area I was working within.


What was the best part of your experience?

I found the most enjoyable part of the experience was working within the team that I was placed with and getting to understand the business from the inside. There is only so much you can learn from being told what the environment is like, there really is nothing like first hand experience.


How many people were the on the scheme?

On my particular programme there were 9, however across the countries in the different departments there were approximately 150 internship and scholar positions.


Did the host any networking events for you?

There were opening and closing events, which were great however there weren’t any other official networking events during the internship period.


What would you have done differently if you had the chance to do the internship again?

I would have tried to network a little bit more and try and meet more people that worked in the organisation. I would have also liked to of tried out working on different desks. I stayed on one desk predominantly during my time there out of choice however thinking about it in hindsight I think it would have been good to try different areas out.


What three words would you use to sum up your experiences at Lloyds?

Challenging. Rewarding. Insightful.






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