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EY Graduate Scheme Review

  • Work/Life Balance

  • Practical Skills Learnt

  • Live Up To Expectations

When did you start working on the graduate scheme and how did you apply?

Got an offer based on my performance from my internship. I started the graduate scheme in the September intake.


What were the advantages of doing an internship before working at the firm on a graduate scheme?

I already knew some people in my department and therefore was more accustomed to the programmes and systems that EY used. Depending on how you did on your internship you would be familiar with typical first year tasks. However even If you didn’t do an internship it was relatively easy to pick up what was expected of you.


What area of Ernst and Young do you work in?



How did the role differ from what you expected when you applied?

There was a lot more client contact than I initially expected. I certainly didn’t enjoy dealing with horrible clients who hate auditors can be demoralizing and make you lose confidence, but it's part of the job.


How important is it to get along with your colleagues and team?

It's important to get along with your team and it is important to remember that is not just about work. It's good to be social as it can help make the team environment more relaxed.


What are the best parts about working at EY?

The people that I work with are the best. Most people are friendly and up for a laugh and can relate to you when you are encountering some of the tough or boring parts of your role. We can laugh and cry about it all together.


How do you believe EY differs from its competitors?

I believe that from my experiences here the company genuinely cares about its employees. They don't necessarily expect you to be the perfect employee straight away. I also like the fact that they look for people to fit in to the firm and from all different types of background.


What do you believe EY look for in an employee?

They look for someone with a personality and somebody who is willing to learn. I think they look for an individual who can fit in and get along with all types of characters. They also emphasize of being respectful and acting with integrity when working at the company.


What advice would you give to someone looking to apply for a position at EY?

Make sure you be yourself at the interview. EY are interested in knowing what you're like as a person and how you would fit in to the organisation. The process can be scary but try your best to enjoy the experience.


If you had to describe EY in three words, what would they be?

Work. Play. Hard






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