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Citi Insight Week Review

  • Work/Life Balance

  • Practical Skills Learnt

  • Live Up To Expectations

What was the application process like?

I had to complete an online application, as you do with most companies. This included a cover letter explaining why we want to attend the insight week. We were then asked to complete some testing including a numerical test.

Were there any interviews involved in the process for the position?

No there were no interviews.


How long was the insight program?

It lasted for four days.


Did you get much of an opportunity to work shadow in any way during your time there?

Yes. We were lucky enough to have a tour of the Sales and Trading floor. This was great to get a feel for what people were doing in their natural working environment. We unfortunately couldn’t then see the Investment Banking Division because of the rules regarding the Chinese wall.


Did you get to speak to the traders that worked at Citi?

Yes, we were given opportunities to speak to them at networking events as well as in the shadowing opportunities we got. What was great is that the networking opportunities that I got were one-on-one rather than group opportunities.


What did you think of the offices at Citi?

It was capitalism at its peak. The offices were fantastic and it was definitely a place I would definitely enjoy working in.


What other activities did you get involved in during the insight program?

We took part in two different games whilst on the program. The first was a trading game that is common amongst many banks, requiring you to anticipate the reaction of particular stocks based on news being released.

In addition to this we also took part in a corporate banking task that involved us having to assess a business based on the criteria given and present our findings.


Were there any opportunities from the Insight program that could potentially result in an internship being awarded?

Yes we were told that should we impress during the insight week that we would be fast-tracked for the internship the following year.


Did you feel that you learnt much from your experiences at Citi?

Yes, it was a real eye-opening experience and I felt as though after I had participated in the program that I had a much better understand regarding what the banking industry is all about. I think when you are deciding on a future career path experience such as this are an invaluable opportunity to understand if you are suited to the roles on offer.


How long did it take for you to get feedback regarding your performance on the insight week?

They were very quick and I heard feedback within a week.

What three words would you use to describe your overall experience at Citi?

Eye-opening. Insightful. Enjoyable


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