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PwC Insight Programme - Leadership Academy Review

  • Work/Life Balance

  • Practical Skills Learnt

  • Live Up To Expectations

What was the application process like for the Academy?

First in order to be eligible you had to be a 1st year student or a 2nd year student if you were taking a 4-year course at university. The application process consisted of an online application, numerical testing followed by logical testing. There was then a telephone interview that largely comprised of mostly competency question. Most of the questions required me to name examples of when I had demonstrated a particular competency.

How long did the Leadership Academy last for?

It ran over the course of three days in a place just outside the City centre. They put us up in lovely accommodation from Sunday night until I left on the Wednesday evening.

Did you get much exposure to senior management during your time at PwC?

Yes, that was something that really impressed me. There were a number of different occasions when we got to meet with Partners and those working at a very senior level.

How many people were on the programme?

I think there were about 80 people

What sort of universities did you see represented on the programme?

There was quite a broad range of different types of students, however most of them were predominantly from the Russell Group universities. I did meet someone from Heriot Watt, so it wasn’t only those from Russell Group universities.

The universities I thought were mostly heavily represented was Manchester, Exeter and Warwick, although this is just based on those I got speaking to most during my time there.

What sort of activities did you participate in on the first day?

First we were given an introductory talk from an audit partner who explained to us what we would be doing over the three days at PwC. He also gave us an insight in to the sort of competencies that PwC look for; this gave us an idea how we could potentially impress during the Leadership Academy.

We then had a lunch break followed by an assessment centre mock before they gave us an assessed version. I assume this was to see how much of their feedback we had taken on board from the mock attempt.

Finally in the evening we were given a group task that was followed by an informal meeting that allowed us to get to know some of the employees at PwC.

What other activities did you take part in that helped you prepare for facing application processes?

We did quite a few other exercises including numerical and logical reasoning tests that we assessed. We also did a group exercise that wasn’t assessed within which we had to present to three partners. We also did a written exercise that was assessed as well as another mini group task that was corporate finance related.

Did you get many opportunities to speak to senior management and get to know them and their roles?

Yes, this was something I was very impressed with. They really gave us ample opportunities over the three days and in the evenings to speak to partners and other senior staff members. I was surprised at the amount of resources and employees that committed their time to the Leadership Academy.

Have you kept in touch with any of the people you met on the programme?

Yes, they were always encouraging us to keep in touch with everyone using networking sites like LinkedIn. I have kept in touch with many of the people I met through Facebook as well.

Would the experience at PwC make you more inclined to apply for a position like an internship or graduate job at the company?

Yes, it definitely would. I think that it is worth mentioning that those candidates that impress on the programme get fast-tracked straight to an internship for the next year. Some will also get fast-tracked to a more advanced stage in the selection process for an internship.

What three words or phrases would you use to describe PwC, based on your experiences?

Iconic, unforgettable and career boosting.






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