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EY Insight Programme - Leadership Academy Review

What scheme were you on at Ernst and Young?

The Ernst and Young Leadership Academy.

How long was the scheme?

It lasts for 3 days (although as it a residential scheme, everyone arrives the day before.)

What was the application process like for this position?

The application process is very straightforward. There is an online application with a lot of questions relating to personal leadership and teamwork experience. There are online tests consisting of verbal, numerical and diagrammatic (non-verbal) and finally a phone interview further testing competencies and primarily, leadership.

What was the core focus of the scheme?

The focus centred on you and not the company which is its differentiating factor. There are only between 24 -28 people on each academy allowing for a lot of personal attention and there are different objectives for each day; you as a leader, as a member of a team and as part of organisation.

What tasks were you undertaking during your time there?

It was a truly interactive experience with the people running the scheme talking for no more than half an hour before an activity commenced. It ranged from outdoor exercises to small group discussions.

How many people attended the programme?

Each programme has between 24 and 28 people, a lot smaller than other similar programmes ran by its competitors.

What aspect did you most enjoy?

I really enjoyed the interactive nature of the week, although many spring weeks advertise themselves as interactive not many I went on, or heard about, were. The fact you were always active made you get so much out of the experience and the feedback sessions at the end really helped everyone outline their key strength as well as development areas.

Was there anything about the scheme that you found frustrating?

The scheme was residential so every part of your day was planned leaving very little free time; however there were several social activities in the evenings from a partner dinner to karaoke (and a surprise event – which I won’t ruin for you!).

What advice would you give to people thinking about applying for this programme?

It was personally one of the best work experiences weeks I did, but I would evaluate whether you are right for the programme. Almost everyone there was not only a member of a university society but in a leadership role.

It’s a really interesting programme where you get to learn more than just about Ernst and Young (in fact you actually do not very much of this), you get to learn more about yourself in group situations as well as developing your skills as a leader – which to me personally have proved invaluable! 




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