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Deloitte Scholar Scheme Review

  • Work/Life Balance

  • Practical Skills Learnt

  • Live Up To Expectations

What department/team did you work in during your internship?

I was working within corporate tax in the Birmingham office.

What hours were you usually in the office?

Our standard hours were 9am to 5:30pm with an hour for lunch. I made the effort to come in a bit early to make a good impression and also to have the opportunity to chat to people etc. I occasionally did stay late if we were working on a project with a deadline, but this wasn’t something I was expected to do often and it was never longer than an hour or two. I remember one project did require a couple of later evenings but I was never in as long as the managers etc. and the team leader brought in sweets for everyone to make up for it!

What did you find the most challenging part of your experience?

You do feel slightly thrown in the deep end, especially being younger than everyone else. Deloitte gets you involved in real work projects straight away, with some training before and then throughout your time. However, while this was challenging it also meant the experience was very rewarding from the beginning.

What was the process in applying for the position?

The process was almost identical to the graduate application scheme. There was on online application followed by online numerical and verbal reasoning tests. This was followed by a telephone interview (no longer used for current applicants). I then had a day in London with a director, competency based interview and a group exercise (not applicable for SVS students or graduates) followed by an e-tray exercise (now online) and a partner interview (not undertaken until the end of an SVS placement).

What was the interview/s like when applying?

The first interview was very easy to prepare for as it was all competency based. The director asked for a couple of examples for all of Deloitte’s key competency areas. The second interview made me a little more nervous as it was more based around my knowledge of the market and my personal reasons to work for Deloitte and was more difficult to prepare for. However, the interviewers both made me feel very at ease and it wasn’t anywhere near as scary as I expected!

Was there any testing involved in the application process?

There were numeracy, verbal reasoning and e-tray tests. There were practices for all of these online and so I was able to prepare well for them. The e-tray test involved answering emails as they came into an inbox from multiple choice answers under time pressure followed by writing an email recommending which company a client should purchase.

What department did you primarily work in?

Corporate Tax

Were there any social events organized by the firm?

I had a great experience of the social side of Deloitte as I was there for 7 months. There are free drinks every Friday in the office. Teams have meals around Christmas or at the end of a big job. There are also various other social occasions for the whole office such as promotion drinks, the annual dinner, Christmas events. BCASS also put on events for accounting students such as a ball and pub quizzes. We also had a Scholar leaving party which was a lot of fun.

How did you find the work-life balance whilst working there?

It was a bit of a shock going from home and school life to working life. The lack of holidays was especially difficult! However, once I had settled in and made some good friends I was able to balance work with hobbies such as gym classes and going out with friends. Although the day is longer than a school or university day, once the day is over the work is done and you don’t need to take it home so you can have a break.

Was there anything that you experience in your time at Deloitte that you were not expecting?

I didn’t realise just how much responsibility I would be given, such as being taken on client meetings. This did make me a little nervous, although it was a great experience. You really are treated exactly the same as any graduate.

Did working there made you more or less interested in applying for their graduate scheme?

Much more interested. I am strongly considering applying to Deloitte once I have finished studying. In particular, the people made the experience for me.

What did you typically do for the first few hours of your day?

You check your emails, read any important news, probably do a drinks run (or have one done for you) and then it depends on whether you have ongoing work or if you have capacity. Associates are not on specific client teams and tend to do a lot of different jobs. Therefore, you often have to ask around for bits of work to do. You might spend an hour doing some compliance, half an hour helping draft a letter, make a quick call to HMRC or spend time in meetings. It varies day to day and that makes it all the more interesting!

How much time did you spend out of the office?

In corporate tax you don’t spend much time out of the office in your first years. I went to a couple of client meetings, but this was not a regular thing. However, you do attend college on a fairly regular basis and you get to go on training courses which get you out of the office for a few days to a week every so often and these are a nice break.

Is there much personal development feedback/mentoring i.e are you assigned a mentor/buddy when you join the company?

I was assigned a buddy and an appraiser when I started, as a graduate would be. Your appraiser meets with you to access your personal development, set targets and discuss your progress. They help you to meet your targets and deal with any problems, hopefully to get you to the next level. Your buddy is always there to answer any general questions you may have, whether they are work related or personal.

How much client contact did you had in your time on the scheme?

I have had limited email contact and have attended two client meetings.

Were there any degree disciplines in particular that are well represented?

Accounting and finance and economics are very well represented but there are people studying all sorts of degrees, from languages to sciences.

Are there any trade publications or websites that people in the industry use and you think would be useful for students applying to the company/industry to read?

Reading the general business news would be useful for the interview, as well as maybe the financial times or similar publications more specifically. It is also important to research Deloitte specifically.

Could you see yourself working in the organization in the future?

Yes, it is an option I am strongly considering.

Did you find there were any similarities in terms of characters between you and the other people on the programme?

People tended to be very driven and confident, especially when it came to things like public speaking, but that wasn’t always the case with some being much shyer than others. Most people were hard workers though, and very keen to learn. 






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