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Goldman Sachs Insight Programme Review

  • Work/Life Balance

  • Practical Skills Learnt

  • Live Up To Expectations

What department did you work in?

Operation on the Spring Week

What hours were you usually in the office?

9.00 am until 6.00 pm

How long did it last?

2 Weeks

Was it a paid?

Yes and accommodation supplied

What did you find the most challenging part of your experience?

There was a lot of information to take on in a small amount of time.

What was the process in applying for the position?

The application process involved a application form with several motivation focussed questions. The was a formal interview process. The interview was 30 minutes with two interviewers, where they asked be about the division i was applying to and my competencies. I had to give strong examples of when i had demonstrated certain qualities.

Did you find many opportunities to try out experiencing different departments?

There was plenty of opportunity to arrange meetings in our own to time to talk to other employee from other departments. This would have to be fitted around our schedule.

What department did you primarily work in?

Operations department. There were 20 other interns in that department.

Were there any social events organized by the firm?

There were networking events arranged several times.

How many other interns were there in your department/on the scheme?

In the whole of the firm there was around 150 interns

What did you typically do for the first few hours of your day?

There was a project given to us at the beginning of the week. We were expected, as a team, to organise and research the given project and provide a presentation at the end of the two weeks. Alongside this we had several presentations, question sessions and shadowed several departments. We were provided with a 'buddy' who we were free to meet with. 

In your intake which universities would you say are well represented?

In my division there was a range of Red Brick universities.

Were there any degree disciplines in particular that are well represented?

There was a huge range of university disciplines in operations but there was a bias toward Economics, Finance, Maths and Accounting.

Could you see yourself working in the organization in the future?

Yes, I have been already interviewed twice to join the summer internship programme.

Did you find there were any characteristics in your personality that helped or hindered you during your time working at the firm?

I think that being constantly aware of how you are presenting yourself to peers and employees is vital to achieve the most out of the time you are there. The two weeks really boosted my confidence and at times took me out of my comfort zone. Public speaking was key as was the ability to talk to a wide range of people.






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