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Citi Internship Review

  • Work/Life Balance

  • Practical Skills Learnt

  • Live Up To Expectations

What division did you work in on your Summer Internship?

Citi -ICG

What did you expect to gain from your experience when you first applied?

To be worked very hard, give up my life for 10 weeks

Did you apply to anywhere else for an internship and why those firms?

Yes I applied everywhere. Had no preferences, willing to take an offer from anywhere that would take me! Citi did run the application process quite smoothly though.

What was the application process like?

Assessment centres, online tests, cover letters; no different from anywhere else. Make sure you have good commerical awareness of the industry and the division you're applying for!

If applicable, what was the interview like, were there any particularly tricky questions?

Why the division, why banking, why you? No tricks but I was asked how I would deal with having to do repetitive tasks.

Did you gain much hands on experience during your time at Citi?

Huge amount. Leading a research project, collecting information (and applying it to relevant day-to-day and longer term tasks).

What was the most challenging part of your role?

Keeping on top of many projects at once, whilst trying to continously network. Always appear willing to take on more work even when you've got your hands full.

Did you manage to get to talk to more senior members of staff?

Yes; everyone and anyone within reason.

Did they host many networking or social events for the interns?

3 social events, 5 Citi speaker events, various division-specific speaker events and networking drinks within team.

Do you believe there is any stigmas associated with bankers that you found to be true or false based on your experience?

Not really. Most are just hard-working, normal people, who can thrive in high-pressure environments.

Is there any advice you would give students currently looking to apply to Citi?

Meet people on campus when they visit. Do everything possible to get noticed. Become a committee member for a society and demonstrate passion for finance through an extra-curricular activity. Don't be afraid to network!

If you knew what you know now about what the internship was like, would you have done anything different?

Perhaps, I would have been less desperate to impress and slightly more focussed on smaller tasks. But I can't change the past, and the outcome wasn't too bad!


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