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DLA Piper Vacation Scheme Review

  • Work/Life Balance

  • Practical Skills Learnt

  • Live Up To Expectations

Where did you have your vacation scheme? Have you had any others and have you applied to others?

I had an vac scheme at DLA Piper and Speechly Bircham and I applied for 10 others as well as the two that I got.

How long was the vacation scheme at DLA Piper?

It was a 2 week scheme.

What sort of hours were you generally working at DLA Piper and was it challenging?

I was working from approximately 8am - 7pm usually so approximately 11 hours on an average day.

Were there other people on the vac scheme at DLA Piper with you?

Yes, there were 12 other people on the vac scheme with me so a reasonably good intake.

What sort of work were you doing during your time on the scheme at DLA Piper?

I found myself generally undertaking legal work which is obviously extremely beneficial to me to gain experience in a sector that I was looking into as my future career. It was beneficial to be challenged in the environment rather than being given tasks such as photocopying and other boring and tedious duties.

Was there an evaluation after that vacation scheme?

Yes, this is obviously beneficial and I suspect occurs in most vacation schemes. It obviously allows me to see how others saw my experience on the scheme as well as being able to reflect on the stronger and weaker aspects of my work.

How did the culture of DLA Piper compare to that of Speechly Bircham?

I found the atmosphere and people at DLA Piper extremely warm and friendly, so always willing to help out if I needed which is obviously a crucial part of what I believe makes a good vacation scheme. However I did find at Speechly Bircham that some of the staff were slightly snobby but in general it was a friendly environment aswell.

How much were you paid for the vacation scheme at DLA Piper, was this more or less than your other scheme?

I was paid the same money for both schemes, which was £275 per week.

Did you receive any extra perks whilst working at DLA Piper?

There were events put on for the staff, such as drinks events as well as cocktail making which is obviously gives a nice balance to the working lifestyle at the company.

How did the formal training differ between DLA Piper and Speechly Bircham?

I didn't receive any formal training at DLA Piper however I did undertake an IT induction at Speechly Bircham.






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