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Ince & Co Trainee Solicitor Review

  • Work/Life Balance

  • Practical Skills Learnt

  • Live Up To Expectations

What is your current role at Ince and Co?

I am a trainee solicitor at Ince & Co.

What other schemes or roles have you been in whilst there?

In 2008 I was lucky enough to have experience the Vac Scheme at Ince and Co before applying for a full time position. I had two years at law school in this time.

Why did you choose to apply to Ince and Co?

I was keen to work within a firm that specialised in litigation and had found that Ince and Co had an outstanding reputation in this area making it an ideal choice for me. Also having had a good experience on the Vac Scheme I was eager to apply for a full time position having enjoyed my short spell there previously.

What was the process of applying for the training contract?

After submitting a CV and cover letter I was invited into the office for an assessment centre style day at the offices. This included two interviews, one being with the HR department and the other being with a two partners as well as testing. I was then informed I was successful the following day, I was very pleased with the quick response as it showed the company was keen to give me a training contract, plus there’s nothing worse than waiting for an outcome.

How long did the vac scheme last?

2 weeks.

How many other interns were there?

There were about 3 or 4 others however there are 4 or 5 vac schemes per year therefore the total number who join the vac scheme is closer to 20 people. It is good to have a relatively small group as you have the belief that if you are able to impress there is a higher likelihood you will get a job offer in the future as well as the added benefit of being able to talk to many people in the firmas it is a fairly small office in comparison to others.

What sort of things were you doing while you were on your vac scheme at Ince and Co?

I was very happy that during my time there I wasn’t just doing mundane tasks but I was entrusted with challenges that would have an impact on a particular case. This was good for me as I was keen to show my skill set to the company. Some of my duties included research, drafting and many other opportunities if you are willing to take it on. I was given a minder who was able to help me with any problems if I required it.

What is the culture of the organisation?

It’s a very friendly organisation with a distinct family feel about it. There is also an open door policy which I believe to be extremely advantageous, having the ability to be able to talk and discuss a particular issue or interest point with anybody in the firm. You can have contact with senior partners which is something that may be much more difficult in a larger firm.

Were you paid for your vac scheme?

Yes I was paid £250 per week.

Are there any additional perks or benefits to your job now?

There is a flexible benefits package that we have. This enables us to pick and choose which of the benefits we would feel are most beneficial to us and our wage may be compensated accordingly. Some of the benefits include health insurance, gym membership, travel insurance and many more to select from.

In your current role what is does your average day consist of?

I general arrive at the offices at about 8.30am. Work can be extremely varied so it is difficult to describe an average day, it often includes reviewing documents, research tasks and drafting. I like the fact that day-to-day my experience can change dramatically as I believe its beneficial to have experience in a variety of tasks.

What differentiates Ince and Co from other solicitors?

I believe the most beneficial aspect for myself is being able to sit beside and talk to partners in the firm so easily, it is an experience that would be difficult to find in some other firms. Due to it being a relatively small firm compared to some you are able to become familiar with many people within the firm and I believe this to be extremely helpful.

Do you believe there are any incorrect preconceptions regarding solicitors?

Yes, many people believe that a solicitors day will primarily consist of tasks such as photocopying and not very challenging for an individual’s skills set, this is certainly not true in Ince and Co. Many of the challenges I face require me to use problem solving and draw upon the experience I have. However the other preconception that hours are long and you must work extremely hard to succeed is certainly true!

Have you any advice for students or graduates looking to apply to Ince and Co?

Yes, I would definitely encourage any students to apply for the vac scheme first; it not only gives you a good insight into the company but allows you to understand the industry. It allows you to make a more informed decision as to whether or not the company or job is what you are interested in.
The other bit of advice is regarding the application forms, try  to answers questions extremely thoroughly and know about the company to help give a better answer to what they ask you. 






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