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Mercer Internship Review

  • Work/Life Balance

  • Practical Skills Learnt

  • Live Up To Expectations

What was the application process like to secure an internship at Mercer?

I had an online application, followed by a phone interview and finally an assessment day. I was quite surprised that there were a large number of people applying for the internship that had either finished a masters or were already working in the city, so if this is the case don’t let it put you off.

How long was the internship?

8 weeks.

What sort of hours were you working?

9am – 6pm.

How many other interns were there?

26, 11 of these were in London of which 6 were in the actuarial department and 5 were in the investment consulting department.

What sort of things were you doing?

Performance reporting was one of my main tasks, this is where an investment manager is tracked against a benchmark. I also helped undertake due diligence and was set a number of research tasks throughout my 8 weeks. I was lucky enough to shadow a number of senior members of the team and to sit in on conference calls. During the internship we (the interns) were given a series of lectures on Mercer and the different areas they deal with.

Was there an evaluation after?

Yes, at the end I received formal feedback.

What was the culture of the organisation?

Quite academic I would say; however, the people were friendly and I even joined in on a few of the sports events the office organized.

Were you paid?

Yes - £17,000 pro rata.

Were there any perks?

We were taken out for drinks a couple of tmies and a trip was organized to the Tower of London, which was interesting and allowed me to get to know the interns that weren’t in my department a bit better.

Did you receive any formal training at the start of your internship with Mercer?

Mercer provided us with some basic excel training on the first day; however, there was a real emphasis on learning on the job. Personally I had a great team who were always willing to explain concepts or issues to me, this meant that I got a great deal out of my two months at Mercer and would strongly recommend it to anyone.

Any final thoughts you have on the internship?

Doing an internship gives you invaluable experience of what it is like to work in a large company and a technical environment, I strongly recommend that students in their penultimate year attempt to secure one as it really can take the pressure off you having to secure a job in your final year of university. What’s more I really enjoyed my internship at Mercer.


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