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Credit Suisse Internship Review

  • Work/Life Balance

  • Practical Skills Learnt

  • Live Up To Expectations

So what exactly is private funds?

I suppose it is a blend between banking and marketing, essentially this part of the bank will sell a fund to an institutional investor, this means that we will explain what the fund's investment objectives will be and the rules the fund will adhere to. Then the institution will decide if this matches their personal goals…and hopefully invest in the fund!

What was the process of applying for the internship?

I had an online application, standard graduate tests and then a day of interviews where I was assessed on competency and soft skills as well as a more technical finance based interview. After the interviews I was also monitored while myself and the other candidates took part in a group exercise.

What was the length of the internship?

10 weeks.

What sort of hours were you working?

Roughly 8.30am until anywhere between 8.30pm – 12 pm largely dependent on the nature of the work I was given that day.

How many other interns were there?

There was one other intern in my department but I seem to remember there also being an intern in the real estate department of private funds, its quite niche so they don’t tend to take a lot of interns in the department.

What sort of things were you doing day to day?

I was given several research tasks, which were quite interesting and provided background for other members of the team on certain issues. I was also given an ongoing project to research several different opportunities in Eastern Europe. Alongside the research tasks, I was asked to undertake some basic modelling and statistical analysis which I found interesting and helped give me a better understanding of how the investment process works for large funds.

Was there an evaluation after or during your 10 week internship?

I was constantly given feedback on work that I had undertaken and there were informal feedback sessions with members of my team throughout the internship as well as a formal review at the end of the internship. I found that this really helped me get the most out of the internship as you quickly work out areas you can improve that you may not have been aware of. I strongly recommend that anyone who undertakes an internship asks for constructive criticism every so often as it’s a great way to improve upon your previous performance.

What was the culture like at Credit Suisse?

I can’t really speak for the whole organisation but the people in my department were great. There is a team orientated atmosphere where everyone is willing to help and give you their time, its certainly not dog eat dog as its occasionally portrayed. Although people work hard and there is a stay until you get the job done mentality, people are also good fun out the office and I made some good friends and great contacts!

Were you paid?

Yes £800 per week.

Were there any perks?

I went to the company summer party, which was a great chance to meet other interns and find out about their experiences in other departments and I was taken for lunch/dinner with the team on a few occasions too. I was also given a dinner and cab allowance after a certain time of the evening.

Did you receive any training in your first week?

Personally I had 2 days worth of training on basic finance as well as being shown how to use the computer systems etc. However, I know that interns in other departments received more.

Any other advice you have for graduates or students in their final year?

Yes, although I ended up with a job in another part of the city, I would strongly recommend that you try and secure work experience or an internship as it’s the best way to experience what life in the city is like. If possible, try and spend a day in another department too as although Credit Suisse is one organisation, the different departments have different environments and you may prefer one to another… but you will only know if you see what is out there!






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