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Ashurst Vacation Scheme Review

  • Work/Life Balance

  • Practical Skills Learnt

  • Live Up To Expectations

What was the process of getting the vac scheme?

Ashurst’s application process differs from many other top city law firms in the respect that there is no interview. This means you really need a top notch CV when you apply to the firm!

How long did the vac scheme last?

The Easter vac scheme lasts 2 weeks whereas the summer vac scheme lasts for 3 weeks.

What sort of hours were you working?

The hours were very civilised on average 9am – 5.30pm on the odd occasion 6pm.

How many other interns were there?

30 mainly from Oxford, Cambridge, London universities, Bristol and Durham although there were candidates from other Russel group universities represented too.

What sort of things were you doing?

As you have little technical knowledge I didn’t do much “law”, so a large part of the time was spent drafting, helping with due diligence and undertaking internal exercises with the other grads on the vac scheme. I spent some time shadowing various people at different levels of the firm and taking minutes for the meetings. We were also fortunate to receive talks on different parts of the firm and how they operate, on one occasion the managing partner came to talk to us, which was really interesting.

Was there an evaluation after?

I had a brief evaluation after each seat, having spent a week in corporate law and a week in litigation, both of which I enjoyed but were very different.

What was the culture of the organisation?

Fairly traditional but certainly not stuffy! All of the employees I worked with were very friendly and willing to explain issues or concepts to me. People also know how to enjoy themselves so I guess you could say its work hard play hard if you like.

Were you paid?

Yes, £250 and travel expenses.

Were there any perks?

Events were put on for the graduates on a few occasions which was a good chance to catch up with people and also start to network within the firm.

Did you receive any formal training?

No, the internship is quite short unlike in accounting, banking or consulting so the firm make a real effort to give you exposure to life as a lawyer at the firm from day one… You have plenty of time to learn at law school!






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