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PwC Internship Review

  • Work/Life Balance

  • Practical Skills Learnt

  • Live Up To Expectations

What was the process of applying for the internship?

I had an online application, the standard verbal numerical and logic tests (I was re-tested at assessment centre). The next round involved a phone interview with a member of the HR team and finally I had an assessment centre which involved a partner interview and a group exercise. At the end of the assessment centre, lunch was provided so I had a chance to ask people who worked at the firm any questions.

How long did the internship last?

8 weeks.

What sort of hours were you working?

9.30 - 6.

How many other interns were there?

About 200 across the UK.

What sort of things were you doing?

I spent a large amount of my time helping to research clients. This may either have been existing clients where background information was needed to help clarify an issue for a manager or partner, or gathering information on a prospective client that PwC were pitching their services to. One of the great things about PwC’s internship is that they were flexible and allowed me to find work for myself, so I was able to second to another department for a few days as well as helping with small tasks such as taking minutes for partners that weren’t in my department on a couple of occasions. During the internship there was also a project we were set and we were allotted a small amount of time to work on this during the week.

Was there an evaluation after?

Yes, you had a goal setting meeting at the start and an evaluation at the mid point and end of your internship. As well as this I was assigned a “buddy” who helps you with anything in your first few weeks.

What was the culture of the organisation?

Intellectual, yet very supportive. On one occasion I made a real mess of some modelling as I didn’t ask the correct questions, the manager simply came over and explained the task again, allowed me to finish the modelling and praised me for having shown determination to finish the task in the time set.

Were you paid?

Yes about £400 per week.

Were there any perks?

Yes, In the first week we were put up in this great hotel for training. This was great as it gave me a chance to meet all the interns, a large number of whom I am still very friendly with. It was also a good way to learn some of the technical aspects of accounting so that you didn’t feel lost on your first day in the office.






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