Eversheds Graduate Interview Questions


Our past interview questions come straight from our users who have let us know about their interview experiences. Have you been to an interview recently? Let us know what they asked you, simply email interviewquestions@graddiary.com.
  • Give an example of when you have worked with others to solve a problem?
  • In general what attributes makes a good trainee and what would make you a good trainee?
  • What two issues do you think are affecting the business world? How are they affecting Eversheds?
  • If you were acting for (name of company), what initiatives could you put in place to help them be greener?
  • Environmental issues and Corporate Social Rresponsibility are increasingly important to our clients, why?
  • What does (the succesful business you have mentioned) need to do to continue its success?
  • Name a business which you believe is successful and explain why?
  • What distinguishes Eversheds from other firms?
  • How have you researched the firm?
  • Why law have you decided to pursue a career in law and more specifically why Eversheds?

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