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A graduate scheme is a work placement at a large organisation that is only available to those who have completed a University degree. Graduate schemes in areas such as finance, accounting, banking and law typically last between 12 and 36 months and provide the individual with structured and formal training with the likelihood of receiving a full time position at the end of the programme. A full-time position is never guaranteed but the idea is that the large organisation such as Lidl, Barclays and Deloitte will allocate a specific role for you in the company once your training has completed.



What does a graduate training scheme include?

Graduate training schemes aim to give you specific business skills to hold a more responsible role in the organisation. Depending on the graduate scheme, the company will offer training towards achieving a certain degree or qualification at the end of the programme such as CIMA or ACA. To cover broader aspects of business, you will receive training in areas such as sales, strategy, business development, human resources, accounting and more. A graduate scheme presents a great opportunity to receive mentoring from other employees higher up the organisation and there is of course the chance you get to work and socialise with your peers who are like-minded people. The starting salary ranges between £20k - £50k depending on the organisation and this is very encouraging considering that you are being trained as well as working. Overall, a graduate training scheme presents a great way to fast track your career.



How to apply for a graduate scheme

Graduate Scheme recruiters believe that they are hiring the potential leaders and managers of the company which is why there is a very thorough application process involved. To apply for a graduate scheme it involves submitting an online application form where you will demonstrate your motivation to work for the company and your key skills and capabilities such as teamwork, communication skills and leadership. Some graduate employers will also request a series of phone interviews and face-to-face interviews. In the further stages, prospective employers may require you attend an assessment centre to complete numerical and verbal reasoning tests.


Grad Diary is a free online resource of Graduate Schemes

Grad Diary is an online resource to help you find, apply and secure a graduate scheme of your choice. With information on over 500 companies, we have a full overview of each company and the scheme available to help you find the right company for you. We appreciate that because graduate schemes are such a fantastic way to enhance your career, they are very competitive when it comes to the application process. That is why we are proud to be able to offer resources to help you every step of the way. We have had over 10,000 people sign up to our application organiser in the last year to help manage all the application deadlines and stay on top of all the best opportunities. To offer further support throughout the application process, we offer regular blog posts with top tips and interviews with HR managers and company employees to give an inside scoop. We also have an area dedicated to numerical testing to help you learn and brush up on your skills so that you can succeed on those assessment days. We are thrilled that our website has been endorsed by over 80 Universities and societies and has been featured in the Times and the Guardian too.

Types of Graduate Schemes

There are several different types of schemes available but the main schemes we focus on include:

Banking Graduate Schemes – This involves working in investment banking for companies like Goldman Sachs and Bank of America in areas such as trading, hedge funds and private equity. These types of roles favour highly motivated individuals with good analytical skills. Retail banking is different to the investment side and involves personal banking such as individuals that use high street banks and how they manage their savings.

Finance Graduate Schemes – This refers to opportunities outside of traditional investment and rather the running of the finances of the company and their partners. If you have strong mathematical and analytical skills, a financial graduate scheme can provide you with the training to boost your career at major companies such as Deutsche Bank and JP Morgan.

Law Graduate Schemes – Whether you want to work as a solicitor or a barrister, there are plenty of areas where you can specialise with law. Whether its property, tax, media, mergers and acquisitions, they are lot of law graduate positions available If you have good organisation and communication skills, a law graduate scheme could be for you. You will get the added bonus of having your training paid for by the company and you will finish the scheme with a further qualification.

Accounting Graduate Schemes – ideal for those with great numerical skills and eager to learn the numbers of a company, there are several accounting grad schemes available which involve training in order to achieve a formal accounting qualification such as the ACA.


Graduate Schemes London

At Grad Diary, we focus on offering information for graduate schemes in London. Out of all the schemes available in the UK, the most opportunities for graduates are available in London and the biggest companies have their headquarters in the capital. Graduate Schemes in London are typically characterised by involving large companies who can provide the formal training and structure to help grow your career. This is different to a graduate job at a smaller organisation or start up since they are unlikely to provide the same level of training and progression.


Graduate Schemes 2015

Grad Diary wants to give you all the information ready for the graduate schemes of 2015. With graduate scheme deadlines usually ending in November, we can now look at the year ahead and get you organised. It is essential that you do your research. With all companies that we offer, it is important to read the write-ups we have about each company to get a good feel. Make sure you keep up to date with social media by following us on Facebook and Twitter. We will always update you with new blog posts and interviews that will help make the most of your application. We are committed to giving you the best information possible that you will be successful when applying for graduate schemes 2015.

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