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Graduate recruitment refers to finding jobs for university students that are currently studying or have completed their degrees. There are several organisations in the UK that offer jobs specifically at entry level for young graduates. A graduate position typically involves a period of training for a certain number of months or the training will be geared towards completing and passing an exam e.g ACA. Once the training has been completed, the employee is given a specific role in the organisation, which is why going through graduate recruitment is seen as a viable way of career progression because it may lead to the individual to become an integral part of the organisation.

For students in the middle of studying for their degree, they may be looking for summer internships in order to gain some valuable work experience because they aren’t quite sure what career they want to pursue. Others will take part in summer long programmes to ‘get their foot in the door’ and try to secure a position at the company for when they complete their studies. For students who have completed their university degree, they may be looking to join a company full-time, in which case they want to join an organised and structured programme as a means of advancing their career.

There are lots of ways that graduates can find jobs with established companies. A student can apply for schemes directly on the company website, through a personal introduction or going through a recruitment agency or bureau. There are companies all over the UK that specialise in placing graduates with different organisations and we explain how the process works below.



Graduate recruitment agencies and graduate recruitment companies

Graduate training schemes aim to give you specific business skills to hold a more responsible role in the organisation. Depending on the graduate scheme, the company will offer training towards achieving a certain degree or qualification at the end of the programme such as CIMA or ACA. To cover broader aspects of business, you will receive training in areas such as sales, strategy, business development, human resources, accounting and more. A graduate scheme presents a great opportunity to receive mentoring from other employees higher up the organisation and there is of course the chance you get to work and socialise with your peers who are like-minded people. The starting salary ranges between £20k - £50k depending on the organisation and this is very encouraging considering that you are being trained as well as working. Overall, a graduate training scheme presents a great way to fast track your career.

How does a recruitment agency work?

Recruitment agencies will usually be approached by companies that are looking for graduates with a specific skill set. Agencies will go out and find potential candidates to fill the role or similarly, a graduate can contact a recruitment company themselves and enquire about jobs based on their field of interest. The next steps usually involve the recruitment agency sending out your CV to numerous companies that they believe meet the criteria. If the companies that are approached like your CV, there are usually a series of phone calls involved in order to gauge the level of interest and so the recruiter can decide if you are the right match for the company. Provided that a successful match between the company and graduate has been made, there are a series of interviews and if there is a job offer and the candidate takes it, the recruitment agency will receive a commission of 10% to 20% of the applicant’s annual salary.


Graduate recruitment from Grad Diary

Grad Diary is very different from a recruitment agency.

As the companies who recruit the most graduates in the UK are huge organisations who see their graduate intake as a key part of their recruitment efforts, they tend to have a dedicated and direct application process. This is a huge single intake for them on an annual basis and as such they usually have set deadlines and set schemes that university students can apply to. You are not applying for a single vacancy, but rather a place on a particular graduate scheme.

Searching through our site, you will find information on more than 400 organisations and with an individual profile on each; you can get a good idea of the company’s values and the career opportunities they offer.

Grad Diary is a completely free resource that helps graduates through the entire application process to securing the job they want. Our application organiser has been used by over 10,000 graduates and allows you to keep track of all the deadlines for each scheme. In addition, we are able to guide you through the application process, offering free aptitude tests and regular blog posts on how to perform well in interviews and first hand advice from employees that work at the organisation you want to work for.

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