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Opportunities for first year students tend to be 'insight programmes'. These schemes can last from anything from 1 day to 2 weeks and generally take place during the Spring and Summer holidays, although some do run over the Christmas break.

The aim of Insight Programmes is to give candidates the chance to learn what an industry and a company are like. This helps to better inform long term career decisions. Companies place a lot of emphasis on these programs as they want to ensure that they are starting a dialogue with the best potential candidates as early as possible. It is a chance for both you and the company to impress. You will also come away with a better idea of what is expected of you in order to get a good graduate job and help you to know what you need to be achieving.

Applying for these schemes usually involves completing an application form online and providing your CV, and if successful you will likely be asked to attend an interview.

Those who are able to impress during insight programmes will often be invited to take part in a summer internship following their second year or will be fast tracked to a more advanced stage of the application process for their summer internship intake. Grad Diary’s deadline listings are the best place to find out what application deadlines are coming up and where you can apply.

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