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Final year students should be applying for ‘Graduate Schemes’. These are full time roles with companies that are specifically designed for graduates. These schemes are structured to include training and are centered around an intake of numerous graduates. Graduate Schemes are very competitive and are the standard pathway to working at a large employer.

In addition, a few companies offer ‘Graduate Internships’, which are generally a couple of months long, and give students a chance to impress at a company with a view to a permanent role.

The graduate job application process is usually very comprehensive. Most graduate employers have lengthy application forms that require written answers to competency questions. In addition you are likely to face psychometric testing (most commonly numerical, verbal, non-verbal and situational judgement) as well as interviews, both in-house and on the phone, and assessment centres.

Providing you are able to pass all the stages of the application process you will be offered a graduate role upon graduation, usually conditional on your degree result. Most graduate employers require a minimum of a upper second (2.1) at degree level although some employers for specific roles will also accept candidates who may only achieve a lower second (2.2).

As part of the schemes, if any post-graduate qualifications are required for specific roles, these will usually form part of the scheme. An example is ACA qualification for accounting roles.

Grad Diary lists all the graduate schemes opportunities offered by firms as well as their deadline information.

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