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Consultancy can take a number of different forms including Management, Strategic, IT, Engineering and Financial. A consultant will take up an advisory role that will involve them developing business strategies to help improve the performance and efficiency of a company.

Main Areas of Consultancy

Management: This is the most common type of role associated with consultancy. As a management consultant you will look at ways a business can improve its structure in order to ensure that it is running more efficiently.

Financial: Financial consultants provide expert advice regarding a clients accounting, finance and insurance. The specific role will dependent on the clients specific requirements.

Is Consultancy right for me?

Those looking to go in to consultancy will be required to have exceptional communication skills and the ability to manage relationships with clients on a regular basis. Different areas of consultancy will require different specific skill sets.

Most consultancy schemes will require candidates to complete an intensive training course at the beginning of their program.

Subject and grade requirements

Many companies will require a 2:1 with a background in a business related subject such as management, finance or economics. For more specialist types of consultancy such as engineering and IT this may differ.

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