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    How Does Your University Degree Subject Rank For Numeracy Tests?

    For the first time, we have ranked numeracy test scores based on what degree subjects students study at university! Every month we look at which universities are best at Numeracy Tests, but students have been itching to know which subject areas lead the way. Many students will assume that Maths students would be the best by far, if you go by that assumption then you will be surprised by our results.

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    Numeracy Test University League Table – April 2014

    We are pleased to present the Grad Diary Numeracy Test University League Table for April 2014. Great to see the phenomenal reaction to the Numeracy Test University League Table again this month with so many students taking tests to help their uni climb the rankings. Lots of Unis have been rising and falling this month with only 2 universities staying in the same position as last month!

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    Haven’t studied Law? Here is why Dentons want you!

    There is often a misconception amongst students that you are only eligible to become a lawyer and apply for a Training Contract, it is simply not true. Nowadays law firms value the diversity and depth of skills they can achieve within teams by encouraging those from non-law backgrounds to apply for training contracts. See why Dentons are looking for those from a non-law background before their looming deadline!

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    Your Law Interview: How To Prepare

    Interviews don’t have to be scary, by making the necessary preparations you can face an interviewer full of confidence and with the best chance of succeeding. So here’s are some top tips on what you have to do in order to help give yourself the best chance of success in a Law interview.

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    Why a Technology scheme at a Bank is ideal for non-IT grads

    When looking for a graduate scheme there are many possible pathways you can choose to take. One programme that is often ignored, despite the prospects and opportunities associated with it, is Technology graduate schemes. We will look at what opportunities come with a Technology graduate scheme at an Investment Bank like BNP Paribas and what would make you the ideal fit for a role on the programme.

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    Vacation Scheme Application Tips From Shoosmiths

    Vacation scheme applications can be tough. We have been fortunate enough to speak to Samantha Hope, Graduate Recruitment Manager at Shoosmiths to find out the inside track about what it takes to get a Vacation Scheme at a company like Shoosmiths. What is really required? All the help and advice you need to make you the most informed applicant when you submit your applications.

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    How to be sure you NEVER miss an application deadline again!

    Nothing is more frustrating than finding out that a job you wanted to apply for has closed its deadlines before you have been able to submit an application. It leaves you with the feeling of ‘What if I sent off the application? Maybe I would have been perfect for the role and got offered the position’. So how do you make sure you never miss a deadline ever again? We have the solution!

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    Questions you would NOT want to be asked at interview!

    Before going in to an interview you are always taught to prepare well and swat up on all the latest goings on with the company that will be speaking to you. This is certainly true and interviews are something you should invest a lot of time in preparing for, however sometimes students are asked some questions that are so bizarre and unexpected that is practically impossible to anticipate them! Here are some of our favourite weird questions that have been asked in actual interviews and some of our ideas about why they have asked the question in the first place.

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    Application Stages Bootcamp 2013/14 – Part 1

    We have decided to put together a step-by-step guide taking you through the different stages of the application process you can expect to face and the challenges that each stage will present you with. In addition we will also give you some top tips on how best to prepare for each stage to ensure you give yourself the best shot of impressing the recruiter and getting the job you really want. The first stage of our application boot camp is finding the right company and role for you.

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