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Accountancy firms manage and review clients' financial reports whilst offering advice and guidance aimed at maximising the value of their clients' holdings. Accountancy firms are the largest graduate recruitments and there are a multitude of different roles available. Further qualifications play a major part in the career development in the industry, and these usually make up part of the first few years of a accountancy graduate job.

Main Areas of Accountancy

Audit: This work will involve an independent auditor ensuring that a company has reliable financial records available. They will also help monitor accounts to ensure the prevention of any fraudulent activity.

Tax: Those working in tax will advise their clients about ways in which they can minimise a company's exposure to tax liabilities.

Is Accountancy right for me?

Those looking to go in to accountancy may find a wide array of different opportunities and roles dependent on the firm that you apply for. There are the Big Four firms that might offer different advantages and disadvantages to those outside of that bracket. Those looking to a career in accountancy must be numerate and have the capacity to balance study for the accountancy qualifications alongside work.

Subject and grade requirements

Requirements will vary dependent on where you apply however GCSE Maths and English are essential and many firms will also expect a Maths A-level and a minimum of 280 UCAS points alongside a 2:1 in a relevant degree subject. These requirements will be different depending on the firm or role you apply to. Relevant degree subjects include Economics, Business, Accountancy and other finance and numerical based subject areas.

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